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Why I'm Running for School Board

I am running for school board to see that our schools, faculty, and students are supported in the best way possible. I want to make sure our tax dollars are being used efficiently to support students not grow central administration. I would like to see more fiscal responsibility and transparency. I feel our current board should reflect a balance of the many viewpoints of the citizens of the city and sadly I do not feel it does. I am a firm believer in collaboration, we should not be focused on one ideology over another when making decisions that affect our schools. I believe there are significant mental health issues facing our youth and teachers are adversely affected after a tumultuous two plus years of massive disruptions to learning. I would like to see more behavioral health resources available for students and faculty. I believe our schools should be focused more on education and less on politics.

1. I support increased fiscal transparency

2. An increase in the overall transparency of the board—communications between board, central office, schools, and the community at large, there is lot so room for improvement here.

3. An increased engagement of the board to differing viewpoints—fostering an environment of collaboration of ideas from those differing viewpoints—Listen to all viewpoints from the community, and enhance community partnerships

4. Ensure adequate classroom supports for teachers; budgets increase each year and yet we continue to hear those teachers’ pay for their own classroom supplies on many occasions, teachers often must write their own grant requests for programs on their own time, why is this? Work to establish staff retention and attract qualified candidates to fill our many vacancies

5. Improve student and faculty access to behavioral mental health resources.

6. I support an increased focus on vocational and technical programs; this could be another positive measure to engage students who may not want to follow the college prep track in our schools. I support an increased partnership with other community-based programs to support these endeavors.

7. After meeting with Superintendent Botana, it is clear that he is focused on his proposal to merge high schools into one large school with a state-of-the-art vocational technical center, this project will command the board and superintendent actively engage with the community, I believe the board will need to cultivate better outreach programs to engage with the community and be willing to listen to many different viewpoints on this proposed consolidation.

Lastly, my opponents in this race will tell you that as a registered Republican I have some underlying malicious platform, this could not be further from the truth. As the parent of a teen student in Portland Public Schools It is my goal that every child that attends a Portland Public School be afforded every opportunity to be a successful student. I would encourage all voters to research the candidates, ask them questions and form your own opinions. I would caution every voter to question those who tell you not to vote for certain candidates without telling you why you should support their chosen candidates.

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